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Discovery Knitting reserves the right to withdraw any fabrics or products from our website
and to edit any information at any time, including price.

Our website will Not allow a purchase if a Fabric or Swatch is sold out – per colourway.

All Online Fabrics are Shipped and Billed in Meters.  ( One Metre = 1.0936 Yards )



Swatches are available for purchase for GBP £ 1.00 each
( or the daily corresponding USA Dollar or Euro amount )
There is no minimum or maximum quantity for purchase of swatches.

1) Swatches are for Quality representation.

2) Swatch Colours:  are generally from stock represented,
but allowances must be made for ongoing dye lot variations.
( see below # 8 – for more information regarding swatch colours )

3) Discovery provides generously sized swatches:
Approximately  14 cm  wide   x   18-19 cm  long    ( 5  1/2″  wide  x   7 – 7  1/2″  long )

4) Swatches are Labeled with complete Fabric Description including:
Fabric Construction  (Jersey, Rib etc )
Style #
GSM weight  (grams per square metre )
Width  ~  in both CM and Inches
Approx Quantity on 1 Roll ~ in both metres and yards
Colour of swatch

5) Fabric Prices are not included with swatches.
Fabric Prices can only  be viewed on the website

6)  Fabric Swatches are generally available for purchase on all fabrications
whether a fabric is sold out, being replenished, or being offered only under wholesale.

7)  If our swatch inventory is not available on any given style,
the website will not allow that swatch quality to be purchased.

8) Swatch Colours:  are generally from stock represented,
but allowances must be made for ongoing dye lot variations.
For Your Additional Reference:
~ We do not remake swatches every time new stock rolls arrive.
Dye lot to Dye lot  ~  Certain colours are often the same or very similar – such as:
Scour Natural,  Raw White ( non optical white ),  Optical White (Hi White ) and Black
Also – Within the Indicated Individual Style #s:  Colours
Grey Melange, Charcoal Melange, Marls, Jaspe, Denims, Tweeds….are the same or
very similar to the swatches.

~ Dye Lot variations definitely apply to replenishments of piece dyed colours
such as pastels, mediums, darks.

~ Our BLACK is a good Jet Black.
Photography on Black ~ often does not represent the colour accurately.
Black photos often will look lighter than the actual colour is.
It is best to order a Black Swatch if really need to see how deep a black fabric colour is.

~ Scour Natural, Raw White, Optical White and Black will look different on different Fiber Contents.
Example:  raw white in 100% combed cotton will look different
to raw white in 94% Low Pill Viscose 6% Lycra.
It is always advisable to order a swatch ~ per fabrication.


REPLENISHMENT ADVISE ~ When a Fabric is Sold Out

~ Ongoing Styles and Colours:  A dated note will appear to expect replenishment
in the text area of any given product and/or colourway that is sold out.
( We do not quote expected replenishment dates )

~ If  a Fabric is Not Being Replenished, but remains Available for Wholesale Inquiries:
A note will appear stating is sold out, but available for swatching, to support wholesale inquiries.
( these colours/styles also go into a filter section in Design Collections:  Swatching Only ~ Colours )



– Although we have taken all possible steps to ensure our product images represent products as clearly
as possible, please recognize that viewing of colour varies according to computer monitors and mobile devices.
Colours viewed online can appear different from colour of actual fabrics.  Is best to purchase swatches if
need to see real colour.

– As it is not possible to represent a “hand feel” over the internet.
We encourage customers to purchase a swatch prior to final purchase of material, as all sales are final.



Fabric widths may vary slightly from product width specifications

Knitted fabrics come either as Open Width or Tubular Width
~ Open Width:  Fabric is one layer with a selvage on each edge
~ Tubular Width:  Fabric is double layered ” Tubular”  (no selvages – is a tube)

Production Quantities ~ Packing
~ Open Width fabrics are shipped on Rolls
~ Tubular fabrics are shipped Folded in Flat Packs

Discovery uses Metric Centimeters for Width Measurements,
but there is always an inch reference on both our swatch & sampling labels.


GSM FABRIC WEIGHTS       GSM = Grams per Square Metre

GSM respresents the Metric Weight per Square Metre of any Knitted Fabric
All our fabrics have the GSM weights listed.

LOWER     GSM numbers are LIGHTER weight fabrics
HIGHER   GSM numbers are HEAVIER weight fabrics

Can search by GSM weight through a filter in Product Section on lower left side:

60 – 110 gsm  =  very light weight range
110 – 150 gsm  =  light weight range
155 – 220 gsm  =  light to mid weight range
225 – 290 gsm  =  mid to heavy weight range
295 – 350 gsm  =  heavy weight range
355 – 450 gsm = heavy to very heavy weight range
450 to 520 gsm = super heavy weight range


FABRIC WEIGHT CONVERSIONS ~ From Metric to Standard (Non Metric)
GSM weights    to    Ounces per Square Yard
(with reference to Ounces per Linear Yard)

3 Useful Formulas:

1. GSM to Ounces per Square Yard ~ Formula

GSM  Divided by   33.906  =  oz/yd2   (ounces per square yard)
example:   210 gsm  divided by  33.906  =  6.19 oz per square yard

2. GSM to Ounces per Linear Yard ~ Formula

GSM  Multiplied by  .0493  = ounces per Linear yard
example:   210 gsm   x   .0493   =   10.35 ounces per Linear yard

3. Ounces per Square Yard to Ounces per Linear Yard ~ Formula

oz/yd 2  ( ounces per square yard)  Multiplied by  1.67  = ounces per Linear yard
example:   6.19 oz/yd2     x    1.67    =   10.34 oz per Linear yard

Quick Guide ~ Converted Metric to Standard (non metric)

60 – 110 gsm  =  very light weight range

Ounces per Square Yard:  1.75   to  3.25  oz/yd2
Ounces per Linear Yard:   2.95  to  5.40  

110 – 150 gsm  =  light weight range
Ounces per Square Yard:   3.25   to  4.45  oz/yd2 
Ounces per Linear Yard:    5.40  to  7.40  

155 – 220 gsm  =  light to mid weight range
Ounces per Square Yard:   4.60   to  6.50  oz/yd2 
Ounces per Linear Yard:   7.60  to  10.85  

225 – 290 gsm  =  mid to heavy weight range
Ounces per Square Yard:   6.65   to  8.50  oz/yd2
Ounces per Linear Yard:   11.00  to  14.25  

295 – 350 gsm  =  heavy to very heavy weight range
Ounces per Square Yard:   8.70   to  10.30  oz/yd2
Ounces per Linear Yard:   14.5  to  17.25

355 – 450 gsm  =  heavy weight range
Ounces per Square Yard:   10.5   to  13.3  oz/yd2
Ounces per Linear Yard:   17.5  to  22.2

450 – 520 gsm  =  super heavy weight range
Ounces per Square Yard:   13.3   to  15.3  oz/yd2
Ounces per Linear Yard:   22.2  to  25.6


If want to know the Yard Reference Price for any fabric: Use Formula:
“Dollar per Meter Price ”  x  .9144  = ” Dollar per Yard Price ”
Example:  “USD $ 7.38 per Meter”  x  .9144  =  “USD $ 6.75 per Yard”



All our knits that contain any % of Lycra – whether sample meters or rolls of fabric –
MUST be allowed to relax before cutting as follows:

– Fabric must be off the rolls, laying on table in a Relaxed state – without any tension –

– Allow 8 HOURS to relax before cutting.

– This also applies to some knits that do not contain lycra. / which will be highlighted
in the text area of the individual product.

Discovery is not responsible for any issues arising due to not allowing fabrics to relax before cutting.



1. Lightweight fabrics  (60 to 180 gsm)
and fabrics (of any weight) ~ with Viscose, Modal, Micro Modal or Linen blends:

Turn Inside Out Before Washing
Machine Wash Cool,  Delicate Cycle
Do Not Bleach
Line Dry
Cool Iron as Needed

2. For Cotton & Cotton Poly fabrics  180 to 500 gsm:

Turn Inside Out Before Washing
Machine Wash Cool,  Delicate Cycle
Do Not Bleach
Tumble Dry Low or Line Dry
Warm Iron as Needed

3.  Washable Wool:

Turn Inside Out before Washing
Machine Wash Cool,  Delicate Cycle
Do Not Bleach
Flat Dry or Line Dry – Never Tumble Dry
Warm Iron when Needed
Can be Dry Cleaned

Discovery Knitting is not responsible for fabric that has been washed incorrectly.


Enter the style NUMBERS (only) of any given style
(do not enter the letters) ~ works fine all the time.
– all colours in that style will appear immediately 

( as well as sometimes other related styles )

* If you try to enter the exact full style code – with the letters –
the system will likely not find the product / sometimes it states
there are no matches, even when the style is definitely there.

Apologies for any potential frustrations. We are not able to
improve the search bar function at this time,
but it Does Work well per above tip.



Natural fabrics may contain what could appear to be small flaws – which are part of the characteristics
of the natural yarn and fabric.   Any natural fabric or fabric colour listed as “Scour Natural” is in this category.



Slub fabrics – slubs are part of the nature of the yarn and fabric  and are not defects.



Is important for customers to test fabrics prior to processing for colour blocking.

All our piece dyed fabrics are dyed reactively – meaning they have an excellent commercial
level of colour fastness.  Nonetheless, if you are sewing a garment where a light color
is being sewn directly to a dark color, customer must test the fabrics beforehand.

Discovery will not be responsible, as this warning is posted.



If the customer is combining 2 completely different fabrics in the same garment, the customer should always
test the products beforehand to determine if the combination of fabrics are well suited to each other – or not.
Different fabrics have different constructions and/or yarns and may react differently from each other for drape,
sewing, wearing and/or washing. Discovery is not responsible for the design of your products,
and therefore not responsible for any differential shrinkage when mixing fabrics in the same product.



Discovery Knitting is proud to offer
Coated Knitted Fabrics ~ Prepared for Digital Printing
in small quantities,  as well as large volume for manufacturers and digital printers.

We hope our service will help fill a need in the new age digital print marketplace.

Discovery’s proprietary custom coating has been developed and refined
to have the best possible result for printed colour.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Main Products Page ~ left side filter : Please visit Coated section

Update June 6, 2016:
Coated Knits Available (raw white / non optical white)
C2D 626 -C    Coated Jersey Combed Cotton  155 -160 gsm
CD 596 -C     Coated Interlock Combed Cotton 250 gsm
CD 604 – C     Coated 1 x 1 Rib  Combed Cotton  230 -240 gsm
CD 480 LB -C   Coated Loopback (French Terry) Combed Cotton 330 gsm
CD 608 LB -C   Coated Loopback (French Terry) Combed Cotton 430 gsm

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our Coated Knits are currently stocked in Raw White only.
(Colour underneath the coating is raw white)

Widths are no wider than 152 – 154 cm Open Width  (59/60″)
in order to easily work with digital printing machinery.

SWATCHES are sent as NOT Coated ~ Solid Colour Raw White

The coating lays very stiff on the fabric.
The stiffness disappears after the digital printing and finishing process,
and will feel like the quality as swatches represent.

GSM Weight Represents ~ weight AFTER PRINT & FINISH
(the coating adds weight to each fabrication)
(Coated – Before Printing – is heavier than stated gsm weight)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

IMPORTANT  Information for all Coated Knits:
~ Coated fabrics are UV light sensitive and must not be exposed
to Ultra Violet light  (direct or indirect sunlight).
~ Discovery Knitting stores and ships our coated knits in dark plastic bags,
for all quantities.
~ Customers Must Take Care to keep the fabric
in dark plastic until moment of printing.
~ All coated knits are shipped on rolls for all sampling quantities.
(never in boxes)  (the coating is stiff ~ cannot be folded)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



It is not possible to send samples on zippers, drawcord, buttons, collars, cuffs or other
various trims that are not fabric.

All sales are final for zippers, drawcord, buttons, collars, cuffs or other various trims.

Returns are not possible.