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PH7 Anti Viral Snood with Antimicrobial Properties
Normal fabric face mask WITHOUT antimicrobial properties


PH7 Anti Viral Snood with Antimicrobial Properties:

– Naturally Antimicrobial Lenzing Modal/ Ionic+ Silver / Lycra fabric:
naturally inhibits and deactivates virus particles that come in contact
with the snood fabric / by releasing positively charged silver ions in the
presence of moisture from your skin – promoting a safer environment
by inhibiting micro organism growth     GRAPHIC

– Protective properties are Permanent – DOES NOT WASH OUT

– The presence of Ionic + Silver offers further Protection against Covid 19 virus

– PH7 Snood requires only 1 layer of proprietary lightweight, anti viral fabric
making it VERY BREATHABLE.  It is Not necessary to have 2 or 3 layers of fabric,
(which are much harder to breathe through)

– Reduces risk of cross contamination/ transfer:
when you touch the antimicrobial PH7 snood fabric, the virus particles are inactive,
therefore will not transfer to your hands, lessening the risk of a cross contamination transfer.

– Snood design offers 360 degree protection against air leakage – In or Out.
Fully covers nose and mouth with no leakage possibility.


Normal fabric face masks WITHOUT antimicrobial properties:

– normal fabric (without antimicrobial properties)  do NOT inactivate virus particles
upon contact.   Virus particles can adhere to the fabric, which can become a
cross contamination threat.  (Virus particles can transfer onto your hands if you touch mask)

– Because a normal fabric face mask’s only way to keep virus particles from
the nose and mouth – is to have 2 or 3 layers of untreated fabric as protection –

– normal fabric face masks are made by many different manufacturers / including those
that are home made.  If the design does not provide a tight fit – there could be air leakage,
making the mask ineffective for protection against virus infected air particles.